MINCOR provides organisations with automated work delivery, escalation and management, enabling timely quality responses to correspondence.
MINCOR is the only ministerial correspondence tracking solution continually built and enhanced in conjunction with government correspondence management professionals around Australia.

A Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) solution, MINCOR can be used "out of the box" or customised to provide an enhanced platform meeting any organisations' requirements. This allows organisations to configure MINCOR to their exact requirements.

MINCOR builds on the heritage of Bay's COTS products with enhanced performance and scalability, it manages all organisational correspondence. Personalised and expanded views further improve information visibility across the organisation.

MINCOR's extensive functionality is aimed at providing a simple system with visibility, guidance and accountability across all users and processes.
Supports Solicited, Unsolicited, Information Only, and Response within Division processes out of the box.
Supports different types of departmental correspondence such as - Ministerial, Executive, Question on Notice, Question Time Briefs, Ministerial with minutes, Briefs and Speeches, General, Secretarial, Possible Parliamentarian Questions (PPQs), Estimates, Complaints etc...
Workflow Configuration
Ability to configure as many workflows from more than 100 different options which enable/disable actions based on the requirements
  • Enable SLAs
  • Track Quality
Tracking & Reporting
Tracks and reports on due dates for all actions taken
Records a complete unalterable audit log
Automated due date escalation - proactive rather than reactive
Overdue reminders and Email Notifications
Document & Template Management
Configure templates using MINCOR word properties that can populate correspondence specific information when launched within a correspondence
Drag & Drop support for adding multiple files as attachments (up to 5 files at a time)
Maintain document revisions & versioning
Campaign Correspondences
Manage and bulk process correspondence utilising configurable mail merge templates for personalised responses
A comprehensive administration module which allows departments to set configure their master data.
Form Customisation
MINCOR comes with a list of additional fields that can be configured for each workflow configured based on the needs. They are also available as MINCOR word properties (for use with MINCOR templates)
Records Management Compliance*2
MINCOR is conservatively, approximately 80% record management compliant natively.
100% compliance when integrated with an eDRMS using DMI module
MINCOR has recently been externally audited on WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements at the AA Level
MINCOR has recently been externally audited on WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements at the AA Level
Additional Modules
Advanced Scanning
Much of the correspondence received by a department originates via postal mail and is scanned to produce a scanned inbound electronic document which is linked to a correspondence item. Further, our customers process a significant volume of email originated correspondence requiring a response.
It is easy to see why support for automated scanning and email reception is an adjunct to MINCOR's operation.
- Simple & Cost Effective.

With MINCOR's Organisation Entity module, multiple government departments can use the same MINCOR system. Usually where multiple departments are headed by a single Minister.

This module provides ability to bring online letters through a web portal to a "clearing house" within the department and automatically registers a correspondence in MINCOR.
- Register correspondences automatically based on configured rules.

Bay's Sensitive Rights Security Management module (SRSM) MINCOR supports additional levels of security classifications and user clearance access levels. This allows for classification of sensitive documents and material to be protected above the usual level of role-based security.

Pressure to support paperless operation is now even greater with Governments being asked to lead the community with green initiatives and sustainability polices.

The Electronic Endorsement Module provides a simple and cost - efficient way to electronically sign documents that are finally endorsed and ready for signature. Bay's Electronic Signature Module is capable of full electronic processing of correspondence items. For departments processing tens of thousands of correspondence items this represents a significantly lower paper and energy usage, contributing to cost savings.

The Electronic Signing and Endorsement Module provides a full end to end electronic signing and endorsement facility. Under Administration, this module can be configured to manage the full electronic processing, endorsement and signing of documents based on the specific requirements of each client.

The MINCOR Publication module supports and improves the efficiency and accuracy of many business processes within government, where there is a requirement to consolidate multiple documents from various MINCOR items and produce a single document called a Publication Document. Some of these processes are:
- Estimates, Questions on Notice (QoN), Possible Parliamentary Questions (PPQ), Right to Information Requests (RTI), Board Paper Presentations, etc..

The call centre module in MINCOR is used to register, manage and report on calls taken from members of the public. Calls are able to be made into a correspondence item and then allocated to an action officer if required.

The PDF document format provides a simple standard for viewing and printing documents.

The PDF Conversion Module provides a simple way to process electronic documents into a protected view only format, print ready images and archives of documents in a single PDF file.

They are data capture fields that are defined and managed by the administrator of the application. This module gives Departments the flexibility to add additional data capture fields when required and report on them.

The document subsystem of MINCOR can operate as a standalone document repository or be linked to an electronic document and records management systems (EDRMS). MINCOR supports integration with HP TRIM's product, SharePoint and with OpenText. The integration with an EDRMS is achieved through MINCOR's Document Management Interface (DMI) module.

The MINCOR document subsystem provides a consistent and seamless user experience whether connected to an EDRMS system or not. This simplifies the user experience when connected to an EDRMS; the user is not confronted with EDRMS screens and terminology to manage their documents.

In addition to management reporting MINCOR supports a Business Intelligence module using Microsoft PowerBI. The MINCOR Business Intelligence module offers potential to dramatically increase value and leverage of departmental data assets created by the MINCOR data base.

MINCOR provides end-to-end management of all correspondence and ensures issues do not "slip between the cracks".