Need to manage compliance in your industry or business?
Bay Technologies can assist with our Compliance, Investigation Reporting and Management solution - CIRAM.

End-to-End Accountability

The CIRAM solution is designed to manage compliance and regulatory business processes end-to-end so cases remain visible at all levels through all phases. Problems are escalated when necessary and allocated rapidly and precisely to the right people in your organisation.

CIRAM enables organisations to efficiently and effectively record and manage all compliance related activities and is designed to lower risks associated with compliance and regulation. It enables clients to record notifications, take appropriate action in compliance matters, conduct competent investigations and consistently action compliance matters.

With many organisations limited by access to trained resources, CIRAM assists by maximising productive allocation and usage of the limited resources available.

Based on Business Rules

CIRAM matches an organisation's regulatory business rules and procedures and as a result:

  • Enables compliance notifications to be managed from notification through to finalisation within statutory guidelines,
  • Promotes greater accountability through compliance decision-making,
  • Ensures correct record keeping,
  • Enables more efficient use of limited investigative resources,
  • Generates management reports and statistics, and
  • Reduces overall risk of conducting compliance activity.

CIRAM is based on the automation of three principal process

Alleged Offences

Notification of alleged breaches of regulatory or business legislation enter organisations from a variety of source, many of these generate senior executive attention. Each notification must be actioned within certain timeframes, determined by the compliance business rules. CIRAM tracks these items from their creation, through allocation, investigation, recommendation and enforcement.


Individuals or organisations have the right to appeal against remediation actions. CIRAM enforces timeframes and provides necessary reminders to receive and action appeals. CIRAM tracks all appeals from creation, through verification of appropriateness, review and representation in court.


Many organisations require to proactively ensure staff are complying with regulations and procedures, CIRAM gives organisations the ability to schedule and conduct audits and record details for future use. An audit may result in the production of an Alleged Offence.
CIRAM in Government

CIRAM is a solution which empowers government organisations to complete their end-to-end compliance activities in with appropriate rigour and security. It acts as an information repository for all investigations, audits and appeals as well as managing and maintaining compliance activities throughout the business process.

The workflow in CIRAM is optimised for regulatory compliance; to allow it to be flexible for the most appropriate path to be followed, based on case importance or severity.