Assurity Suite
An end-to-end information management solution that easily integrates with all your complementary systems to support the truth.
Provides the right information at the right time for better informed decision making.

By managing all compliance and regulatory information in one system, CIRAM enables high transparency and accountability to any scrutiny levelled at your compliance and investigations management processes. You can now efficiently register complaints, identify potential instances of non-compliance or breaches of legislation, and manage each aspect of a subsequent investigation within one platform.

MINCOR is a fully customisable end-to-end management and tracking platform of all correspondence. It enables better informed decision-making by providing comprehensive administration and reporting capabilities that empower you to collect, distil and action big data. MINCOR allows leadership teams to evolve and grow, as community and departmental needs change, and it easily integrates with all your complementary systems that support the truth.

SAPIEN - Human Resource Management

Sapien is a customisable end-to-end human resource management tool allowing Human Resource experts to record, review and react to the most important issues in any organisation. It enables a traceable, trackable and auditable approval chain to ensure defensible decisions are made in the organisation.

YAATRA - Travel Management

Yaatra has been designed to capture the approval workflow to enable end to end travel management auditability. Capturing time, expenses and productivity metrics in order to relate each travel event against expected outcomes helps provide insight to increase value for money, each and every time.

HANDLED - Complaints Handling

Powerful workflows ensure SLA's for complaints response and investigation do not slip through the cracks. Handled assists with resolving individual complaints by assisting with the identification of the root cause of each complaint through analysis and analytics. Grouping complaints by type and responding to multiple similar complaints ensures staff get time back each time they use the system to dedicate to their primary role.

CONTRACT - Contract Management

Document centric workflows and actions designed to ensure the correct version of contract templates are used and properly populated with specific vendor/supplier information found in the system. The system tracks times and effort used in building and managing each contract, ensuring the total contract price incorporates and costed to provide metrics for further scrutiny